Filtrace a separace v plném spektru

Spolupracovníky společnosti Pall po celém světě spojuje jediná snaha: řešit největší výzvy našich zákazníků v oblasti filtrace, separace a čištění. A přitom rozvíjet technologie šetrné ke zdraví, bezpečnosti a životnímu prostředí. 

Naše špičkové technologie a řešení se uplatňují v bezpočtu aplikací, chrání zdraví, kritická provozní aktiva, zlepšují kvalitu výrobků a minimalizují emise a odpad. 

Naše týmy pro vědy o živé přírodě a průmysl přinášejí cílené odborné znalosti různým zákazníkům z různých odvětví, včetně biotechnologií, farmaceutického, lékařského, potravinářského a nápojového průmyslu, laboratoří, mikroelektroniky, leteckého průmyslu, paliv, petrochemie, chemického průmyslu, automobilového průmyslu a výroby energie .
In-Premise Water Systems

Water filter

In most circumstances, well-controlled, hygienic water is delivered from water plants to cities.  However within buildings, water can stagnate and its temperature increase.  It passes through complex internal distribution systems consisting of narrow pipes with possibly corroded inner surfaces and dead ends. This environment can provide optimal conditions for the formation of biofilm from which bacteria and other microorganisms may be continuously released into the water.

Unique, Reliable, Medical OEM Filters and Solutions for Diagnostic and Healthcare Applications

Medical OEM

Your Reliable Business Partner with a Proven Track Record in Technology Innovation, Manufacturing Excellence and Regulatory Compliance

Pall Corporation offers a comprehensive portfolio of advanced medical filtration devices and microporous membranes with robust performance characteristics and documented quality compliance. 

 Our technical experts will help you find the best Medical OEM Filters to satisfy your product requirements for Diagnostic and Healthcare Applications. Combining extensive membrane manufacturing capabilities with advanced medical engineering and design expertise, Pall can create unique and reliable solutions for your specific application needs. Our adherence to internationally recognized quality and six sigma principles assure consistent lot-to-lot performance and compliance with global industry standards.

Optimizing Infusion Therapy Since 1960

IV filtration

Get to Know Our State-of-the-Art Intravenous (IV) In-Line Filtration Systems

Intravenous drug infusions are a life-saving therapy. But unfortunately, these drugs may be infused in conjunction with inadvertent ambient air, bacteria, endotoxins and particles which can potentially put the patient’s health at risk.1-4

Our Breathing & Surgical Gas Filtration Solutions are the Gold Standards in the Medical Filtration Industry

Breathing filtration

A Decision as Easy as Breathing

In the medical industry the health and safety of patients and health care workers are everyone’s top priority. 

Everyday millions of health care professionals dedicate their work to detect and cure disease while caring for their patients. Even if high levels of cleanliness have been established, patients and health care workers may be exposed to contamination causing infection in the hospital environment. Health and safety of both patients and health care workers are top priorities in our activities. We provide filtration technology which can help to control the contamination and infection risks associated with mechanical ventilation and other medical gases.

Medical technology is always evolving. And we are always one step ahead.

Cord Blood

For over 40 years, hematopoietic stem cells from bone marrow have provided stem cell transplant options to facilitate treatment for leukemia and other blood disorders. More recently, peripheral blood has provided a less invasive source of stem cells. In 1988, the first transplant of stem cells from umbilical cord blood was used to successfully treat a child with Fanconi’s anemia, presenting yet another stem cell therapy option. Continued clinical research and advances in cord blood banking have now moved cord blood stem cells to the forefront of treatment for both pediatric and adult patients. We are committed to advancing technologies for this field.